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In his visit to Amazon , something that can not miss in your itinerary is a visit to a jungle lodge .

The AROWANA AMAZON LODGE , situated in the middle of the Amazon forest, offer you an unparalleled adventure reconciled to an answering service and welcoming accommodations .

The AROWNA AMAZON LODGE offers the tourist the opportunity to meet and learn about the rainforest and its inhabitants . Its main objective is to promote the interaction of man with nature and appreciation of the rich biological diversity of the region .
You can sleep in a room made of wood legitimate legally removed from the forest, ecologically friendly way , listening to the sound of birds , frogs and nocturnal monkeys , or choose to sleep in the hut network ( straw makeshift tent at the time ) in the middle of jungle, always accompanied by a bilingual native guide , in a unique experience that will never be forgotten .

Considered one correct way to exploit the region's resources , ecotourism has established itself as the best alternative for sustainable development of the Amazon region. Ecological tourism is the major attraction of the tours through the Amazon , offering tourists the opportunity to meet and learn about the rainforest and its inhabitants .

Ecotourism in the Amazon includes travel by boat programs , night stay in jungle lodges , forest hikes , canoe ride ( small wooden boat ) with the natives , contemplation of porpoises color pink , watching " lilypad " ( typical aquatic plant of the Amazon region ) , piranha fishing and alligator spotting night , fishing with " spear " (spear with wooden handle ) , there are countless emotions that ecotourism in the Amazon can offer you a brief season in the Jungle .

The AROWANA AMAZON LODGE offers you all this and more.

See our packages and rates and come enjoy this wonder of the Brazilian Amazon .

Experience the Brazilian Amazon .

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