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Before anything is important to remember that sport fishing in the form of catch and release , is an ecologically correct legal activity and provides moments of odd to practitioners who are concerned more with the maintenance of the environment and preservation pleasure species of fish , as are fish that provide them unforgettable and exciting moments that only a lover of good fishing can explain.

Numerous species of fish inhabit the rivers of the Amazon, especially in the Mamori , Juma and Tracaja region , such as the Arowana , Tucunaré Jacundá , Arapaima , Traíra and many others, all predators by nature . The Mamori region of the Amazon is a must for lovers of sport fishing route , because it is a peculiar place where you can find clean rivers and lakes and preserved amid their undeniable beauty wild .

The peacock is considered the symbol of sport fishing in the Brazilian Amazon . Predator par excellence , his greed is such that he is able to attack even without bait hooks . The natives already fished with " pinauaca " ( multiple hooks adorned feathers) even before the modality be practiced by sports fishermen . Various types of peacock bass frequent the rivers of the Amazon Basin , the most known are called Acu Paca , Pitanga , and Butterfly, as has characteristics in common yellowish skin and a circle in the eye like a tail . Advantaged by having sizes surely the Tucunaré provides one of the most exciting fights in fishing

Habitat : During the dry season , mainly inhabit the lagoons , leaving for flooded forest ( flooded forest ) during the floods . Ponds during the early morning and late in the day, when the water is colder now , they feed near the shores . When the water warms up, move to the center of the ponds ; in the absence of lakes , the Tucunaré houses in backwaters , since they are not fond of strong water current.

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