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The Hotel consists of two parts:

1. Floating part - ( built on tree trunks floating as the waters ) which accommodates large reception room with TV , restaurant and five suites . The fourth of the floating part with approximately 20m2 , equipped with private bathroom , a double bed and two single or three single beds and air conditioning .

2 . Party Earth - are contracted stilt huts and each type consists of balcony and suite , giving complete privacy to guests . The fourth of the huts has approximately 25m2 and are equipped with balcony , private bathroom , a double bed and two single beds , air conditioning and minibar .

Caring for the environment - the waste of the floating part after receiving an environmentally friendly treatment is pumped into a pit on land .

TRANSFER : Morning departure from the hotel or address to match, car transfer to the Port of Ceasa . Embark on speedboat sailing until the meeting of the waters with a quick stop for photos with a chance of observing pink dolphins . Stop to visit the fruit market in the region , and embarkation van or minibus (50 minutes on the BR 319 ) that connects Manaus to Porto Velho , stop to photograph Victoria Regal according to the Mamori River . Pickups regional or speedboat boat, going through various lakes , streams and native communities .

Products: We offer various types of packages for the practice of ecotourism so that you have the freedom to choose what best fits your profile. All with bilingual guides and extensive experience in the region , so you can make the most of the season in the Amazon jungle , further enriching their knowledge .

Among the innumerable attractions of Amazon Eco Tourism and Arowana Jungle Lodge , are scheduled to visit the Amazon Jungle tours as : visiting the home of a local resident to observe their way of life and cultural food production , jungle trekking , option for sleeping in a cozy suite at the Loge or stay in the jungle, sleeping in a network of makeshift thatched house at the time ( hut ) , animal observation of diurnal and nocturnal habits , contemplation of the lilypad ( typical aquatic plant of the Amazon region ) , fishing piranha, contemplation of the meeting of the waters , wilderness survival , visiting local communities , interaction with native like football game and other activities , visit to one of the largest trees in the Amazon .

For lovers of sport fishing for peacock bass , we have own boats and native piloteiros with extensive experience in sport fishing in rivers and lakes .
The sport of fishing is " catch and release " . However , it is allowed to taste the baked fish ember fishing site be " delighted " at the hotel.

Experience the Brazilian Amazon.

Business Address:
Octavio Cabral Street 550 – Cond. Vale do Sol 2 BL H-1 Apto. 202
Bairro Jardim Petropolis
Manaus - Amazonas - Brazil
Postal Address:69067-370


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