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The AMAZON AROWANA LODGE Hotel is a specialized jungle eco-tourism and sport fishing ( catch and release ) in the Amazon .

Come and enjoy one of the newest Eco Lodges in the Amazon , located in the center of the Amazon jungle , Amazon Arowana Lodge is a mix of houseboats and cabins on terra firma where you can desfrutr a region rich in fauna and flora that will make your stay an unforgettable experience , where nature is its main attraction .

The AMAZON AROWANA LODGE is a company dedicated to ecotourism and sport fishing in the Brazilian Amazon in a way that the assessment of the ecosystem is made that does not harm its natural state , preserving wildlife and its native population .

The AMAZON L AROWANA LODGE seeks to contribute to the preservation of the Amazon ecosystem and sustainable development of the local population , improving the quality of life of those generating opportunity for cultural , environmental knowledge and giving some of them the opportunity to decent work without the need of harming the environment, and thus may contribute to the preservation of the Brazilian Amazon .

The AMAZON AROWANA LODGE seeks to bring to the Amazon people aware and interested in the issues related to ecology and sustainable development , in pursuit of furthering knowledge and experiences on the topics of environment , looking unless espoliativa and aggressive practices and culture local environment . Among the innumerable attractions are scheduled to visit the Amazon Jungle tours as : visiting the home of a resident loca noted for their way of life and cultural food production , jungle trekking , and may choose to sleep in a cozy suite at the Lodge or overnight jungle sleeping in a home network makeshift straw at the time ( hut ) , animal observation of nocturnal and diurnal habits , contemplation of the lilypad ( typical aquatic plant of the Amazon region ) , piranha fishing , contemplation of the meeting of the waters , wilderness survival , visiting local communities , interaction with native like football game and other activities , visit to one of the largest trees of the Amazon " SAMAUMEIRA " . The Samaumeira coming to live over 200 years and is considered one of the great symbols of the Amazon region .

Our team of developers consists of highly skilled travel professionals , with extensive experience in the area of ecotourism in the Brazilian Amazon and prepared to provide the best possible manner all requested services with a high standard of customer service.

Experience the Brazilian Amazon

Business Address:
  • Octavio Cabral Street 550 – Cond. Vale do Sol 2 BL H-1 Apto. 202
  • Bairro Jardim Petropolis
  • Manaus - Amazonas - Brazil
  • Postal Address:69067-370