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Packages for 07 days and 06 nights, 5 full days of fishing - SPORT FISHING IN AMAZON

Exclusive promotional rates for the period 21 to 27 September 2014.

Regular Package price per pax for 5 days fishing = R$ 3,500.00;

Promotional price for the period up to 5 days of fishing per pax = R$ 2,800.00;

Minimum pax = 4;

Max pax = 18;

Is included in the package:

Transfer from Manaus airport or hotel to AROWANA AMAZON LODGE LODGE and to the airport or hotel in Manaus.

Full-service board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), mineral water, beer, soda, snacks, boats with deck at the bow and in the middle, equipped with outboard engine, electric motor, battery, glacier for beer, soda and mineral water, native piloteiro with great knowledge of sport fishing in the region.

Enjoy and make your reservation now or call to take your questions.


Phone: (92) 91166544 LIVE - (92) 91260569 HI