Amazon Arowana Amazon Arowana

Saracura (5 days and 4 nights)

Tourist packets in the Amazon Jungle

Day 1

The exit for the Arowana Jungle Lodge begins early in the morning in your Hotel or in the Airport in Manaus. The route mixes cars and launches totalizing 3h00. During the travel, you will see the famous meeting of the waters: Rio Negro and Rio Solimões they go several kilometers without mingling, up to what the muddy water of Corrosive sublimates defeats the black and the two rivers are joined into one.
Enjoy the first contact with the jungle to watch the pink dolphin, the alligators that in the time of the ebb tides of the rivers are in the edges enjoying the sun. In the arrival to the Arowana, a drink of good arrivals waits for you with typical fruits of the region. In the lunch, food from the Amazonian region is served. When went out for a walk of Recognition, we use wooden boats to show the region. We return for the Arowana. At night after dinner, we use boat to observe the nocturnal fauna, the alligators, the frogs and birds. Pay special attention to the mysterious sounds of the forest and to the starry sky.

Day 2

Breakfast with fruits and typical foods of the region. Go out for a walk in the Jungle or with canoes (small vessel made out of wood) in the Igapós, depending on the level of the waters. In the forest, feel the enchantment and the greatness of the Amazonian Jungle. The walks are always accompanied by our guides that have great experience in the region. Return to the Arowana Jungle Lodge and lunch. In the afternoon, go out for the fishing of piranhas. Appreciating the sunset and return for the Arowana. The dinner can be complemented by the fishes that you caught, cooked by the Arowana Jungle Lodge.

Day 3

While waking up with the sounds of the birds and depending on the time that is unpredictable in the Amazonian Jungle, you can watch the show of the sunrise and possible shows of the dolphins who are always in the proximities of the Arowana Jungle Lodge. Breakfast. Visit the house of a native, who can be of the manual manufacture of the flour of manioc or of a rubber tapper. Lunch in the Arowana Lodge. Trip on a canoe without motor, only with the oar similar to the natives, contemplating the forest of dense and shut Igapó and it will go away in the time of the ebb tide of the rivers it will be able to observe the alligators and turtles in the edges of the rivers. Arowana Jungle Lodge.

Day 4

Breakfast. Go out for a day of adventure in the forest with short walks and notions of survival in the jungle. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the forest, the way it helps the man, supplying medicinal plants, foods, fresh water and even several souviniers made out of straw. The lunch will be in the jungle on the natives' way. During the afternoon, rest with great tranquility in a hammock, as the natives do it. Return for the Arowana Jungle Lodge.

Day 5

Breakfast. Return to Manaus, arriving around 11hs, going straightly for the airport or for your hotel.